Kort verhaal tegen pesten

Mijn kort verhaal tegen pesten is op de website van Stichting Stop Pesten Nu geplaatst. Ik ben er supertrots op en als er iets waar ik mij sterk voor wil maken dan is het wel om jongeren met pestproblemen te helpen, doormiddel van mijn verhaal. Hierin probeer ik kinderen en volwassenen te inspireren om niet op te geven en door te zetten. Help elkaar en neem het voor elkaar op tegen pesters.

Het verhaal heet Belofte en is getekend door de Braziliaanse tekenaar Rodrigo Stella. Extra dank aan Robin Jones voor de lettering en Ivo Goeyens die heeft geholpen met de tekst. Voel je vrij om dit verhaal te verspreiden als je denkt dat iemand het nodig heeft.


Hieronder kan je de eerste pagina lezen.


Pagina 1 van 7

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Written by: Rodney Laibahas
Pencils: Rodrigo Stella
Inks: Rodrigo Stella
Lettered by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Edited by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Colored by: Gustavo Mendes
Price: $1.99

Across The Globe
Mid-Season Finale!

Time is of the essence as ALFA needs to come up with a plan to stop Sonto Uchi, his army of Prime Bots and the possible invasion of a demon army.

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ALFA #3 Sneak Peek

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that ALFA #3 will be for sale on June 7, 2018 via ComiXology and you can stream it on Comichaus around that date.

Other than that, I would like to tell you that I still can’t believe I’m on the third issue already! It’s like a dream come true that I’m working on this project. As you all know by now, I created most of the characters back in 1998, (when I was 17) during the Christmas Holidays. Never could I imagine that I would really publish this comic book series 20 years later!

I couldn’t have done it without my creative team who’s responsible for the awesome art and letters. And of course I couldn’t have done this without my ALFA fans from all around the world. Thank you for supporting me and the creative team and with your help, I’m sure we can finish the first volume of ALFA.

Here’s a sneak peek to a few of the unlettered pages. Art is done by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Stella. Let me know what you think. 🙂


ALFA #3_page02
ALFA #3_page03


“A girl with social/emotional limitations and her younger, autistic brother work together with a team of supernatural hunters to prevent a demon from entering and ruling the Earth.”

When I’m not writing short stories, I am working on The Orphans Memento. A supernatural action and adventure, mini-series. For this project I’m collaborating with Rodrigo Stella, the artist of the book. I happen to collaborate with him on several projects actually. 🙂 The book is still in production and I hope to find a cool publisher who likes to publish our book. I keep you updated about that!

orphans memento web page