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Written by: Rodney Laibahas
Pencils: Rodrigo Stella
Inks: Rodrigo Stella
Lettered by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Edited by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Colored by: Gustavo Mendes
Price: $1.99

Across The Globe
Mid-Season Finale!

Time is of the essence as ALFA needs to come up with a plan to stop Sonto Uchi, his army of Prime Bots and the possible invasion of a demon army.

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ALFA #3 Sneak Peek

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that ALFA #3 will be for sale on June 7, 2018 via ComiXology and you can stream it on Comichaus around that date.

Other than that, I would like to tell you that I still can’t believe I’m on the third issue already! It’s like a dream come true that I’m working on this project. As you all know by now, I created most of the characters back in 1998, (when I was 17) during the Christmas Holidays. Never could I imagine that I would really publish this comic book series 20 years later!

I couldn’t have done it without my creative team who’s responsible for the awesome art and letters. And of course I couldn’t have done this without my ALFA fans from all around the world. Thank you for supporting me and the creative team and with your help, I’m sure we can finish the first volume of ALFA.

Here’s a sneak peek to a few of the unlettered pages. Art is done by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Stella. Let me know what you think. 🙂


ALFA #3_page02
ALFA #3_page03




Pencils: Mike Gallagher
Inks: Mike Gallagher
Written by: Rodney Laibahas
Lettered by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Edited by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Colored by: Gustavo Mendes

Price: $0.99

The leader of a mysterious clan of ninja’s, is making plans to retrieve an ancient artifact, located in Eutopia.

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BREAKING: ALFA#1 for sale on FEBRUARY 7, 2018!

After years of working on my superhero comic book series ALFA, I finally have decided to self-publish under the name SOUTHEAST COMICS. ALFA is a series I created back in 1998 until 2000. After a pause of almost 6 years, I decided to start again with writing stories about my characters Keniko Hoshi, Eddie Lawrence and Roo Beaudreaux, together with other new and revamped characters. I tried to make this dream of mine a reality, to let an artist work on it in 2010. But several artists and failed attempts later, I’ve put this project on hold.

But not any longer!

As we speak issue 1 is fully finished. Production on the lettering for issue 2 has begun, and after that issue 3 will be lettered. Issue 4 is in the production stage of inking the first few pages and the same goes for issue 6! Issue 5 is fully written and when the artist of #4 (Rodrigo Stella) is finished with that one, he will move on to do #5.

The first issue will be available in February in printed form and digitally. More info will follow soon!

Here’s a sneak preview from a few pages of ALFA #1 & #2 artist Mike Gallagher. Check my website frequently since I will be posting new stuff about ALFA, to keep you all updated.



You haven’t heard from me in a while and that’s because of the fact that I’ve become a father again. Of my third child! November 15 to be exact.

Since a few weeks I’m picking up the pace again with The Orphans Memento. Besides that, I’m still working on some short stories. Some of those are finished, some of it needs to have a splash of color. Other than that, there is some great news to tell about The Orphans Memento, but I can’t announce anything yet! You just have to wait a little longer. 🙂

Meanwhile, the anthology You Are Not Alone vol. 4 from Grayhaven Comics is on the verge of being published. The first time ever that my work is being published so I’m really excited about this. When it’s out, you’ll be the first to hear.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ll see you back again in 2017! 🙂


#2016bestnine Instagram
#2016bestnine Instagram


“A girl with social/emotional limitations and her younger, autistic brother work together with a team of supernatural hunters to prevent a demon from entering and ruling the Earth.”

When I’m not writing short stories, I am working on The Orphans Memento. A supernatural action and adventure, mini-series. For this project I’m collaborating with Rodrigo Stella, the artist of the book. I happen to collaborate with him on several projects actually. 🙂 The book is still in production and I hope to find a cool publisher who likes to publish our book. I keep you updated about that!

orphans memento web page