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Written by: Rodney Laibahas
Art by: Mike Gallagher
Lettered by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Edited by: Jean-Paul Rangel
Colored by: Gustavo Mendes
Price: $1.99

Change of Heart
A run-in with ALFA leader Keniko Hoshi might have the vigilante Eddie Lawrence think differently in solving cases solo. Will he be tempted to join the team and fight crime on a higher level?

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“A girl with social/emotional limitations and her younger, autistic brother work together with a team of supernatural hunters to prevent a demon from entering and ruling the Earth.”

When I’m not writing short stories, I am working on The Orphans Memento. A supernatural action and adventure, mini-series. For this project I’m collaborating with Rodrigo Stella, the artist of the book. I happen to collaborate with him on several projects actually. 🙂 The book is still in production and I hope to find a cool publisher who likes to publish our book. I keep you updated about that!

orphans memento web page