Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

BREAKING: ALFA#1 for sale on FEBRUARY 7, 2018!

After years of working on my superhero comic book series ALFA, I finally have decided to self-publish under the name SOUTHEAST COMICS. ALFA is a series I created back in 1998 until 2000. After a pause of almost 6 years, I decided to start again with writing stories about my characters Keniko Hoshi, Eddie Lawrence and Roo Beaudreaux, together with other new and revamped characters. I tried to make this dream of mine a reality, to let an artist work on it in 2010. But several artists and failed attempts later, I’ve put this project on hold.

But not any longer!

As we speak issue 1 is fully finished. Production on the lettering for issue 2 has begun, and after that issue 3 will be lettered. Issue 4 is in the production stage of inking the first few pages and the same goes for issue 6! Issue 5 is fully written and when the artist of #4 (Rodrigo Stella) is finished with that one, he will move on to do #5.

The first issue will be available in February in printed form and digitally. More info will follow soon!

Here’s a sneak preview from a few pages of ALFA #1 & #2 artist Mike Gallagher. Check my website frequently since I will be posting new stuff about ALFA, to keep you all updated.