My first short story (PROMISE) got accepted by GRAYHAVEN COMICS, a few months ago. Rodrigo Stella did the artwork and the editor of GH, Jason Snyder, was happy with the story and interiorpages we’ve provided. Looking forward seeing this published in the YOU ARE NOT ALONE Anthology. YANA is the fourth installment of the anti-bullying anthology.  I can relate to the overall theme of the anthology and I’m proud to be in the fourth volume! My daughter of 12 was the victim of bullying, as was I when I was her age. So to all of you out there being bullied. Don’t give in to bulliers! Stand tall and stay strong! Here is a preview page of one of the pages.

Promise – Written by R. Chris Laibahas, Penciled and inked by Rodrigo Stella.


“A girl with social/emotional limitations and her younger, autistic brother work together with a team of supernatural hunters to prevent a demon from entering and ruling the Earth.”

When I’m not writing short stories, I am working on The Orphans Memento. A supernatural action and adventure, mini-series. For this project I’m collaborating with Rodrigo Stella, the artist of the book. I happen to collaborate with him on several projects actually. 🙂 The book is still in production and I hope to find a cool publisher who likes to publish our book. I keep you updated about that!

orphans memento web page